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Terra Merita

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Meritorious, or Prasie-Worthy Earth

At Terra Merita we are passionate about the environment, our people, the country we live in (Fiji), and the planet we live on, which is how our company and it’s name came to be. We export value added agricultural products made from wild, organically grown, pesticide-free turmeric and ginger. In a bid to be more proactive about making sustainable changes, waste management and respecting our land, we import biodegradable and compostable products for the service industry and larger community.

Our Story

Small Change. Big Impact

Terra Merita was founded in 2020 when the world was grappling with one of the worst viral epidemics in modern history. The lockdowns and restrictions impacted people’s livelihoods and a lot ability to regenerate when given a change. We felt this was an important moment to foment our intensions and embrace the challenge to continue this positive change. We decided to work with and train local framing communities to sustainably harvest from their ancestral lands and reap the benefits of the pesticide-free, rich volcanic soil and island sunshine. To empower them to find a fair and honourable way to support their families, while respecting the land. Fiji relies heavily on tourism and this comes with a massive carbon footprint. In an effort to mitigate the impact on both green and blue economies, and as a natural extension of our commitment towards a greener future, we began to import biodegradable products, such as straws made only with natural ingredients. We intend to keep innovating and expanding our portfolio of biodegradable products so we can better serve our local communities, one small change at a time.

Our Values & Mission

To build a transparent, collaborative and robust eco-system of sustainable practices based on trust, which invests in people, positively impacts the community and economy. To support innovation and encourage the youth to actively contribute to building a resilient Fiji, preserving our beautiful and fragile environment for ourselves and our future generations.


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